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14 Lawn mower Accident Statistics That Need Your Attention in 2021

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When Kim Kardashian West wrote an article and a tweet about lawnmower accidents many thought that he was crazy. However, according to numbers from the CDC, more people in America are killed by lawnmowers than by terrorists each year.

These numbers were later picked up by the Royal Statistical Society and named the 2017 international statistic of the year. Mowing the lawn can boost your home’s appeal and gain you physical activity points, but new research details the injury risk it can pose. This article will make you conscious of the risks associated with lawn mower use.

Lawn Mower Accidents Stats at a Glance

  • Approximately 69 people die from lawnmower incidents annually.
  • In 2014 lawn mower incidents were up to 100
  • More than 250,000 people are hurt by lawn mowers each year.
  • 80,000 people who were injured by lawn mowers in 2015
  •  6.25% of those injured by lawnmowers in 2015 were children.
  • 800 children are run over by riding mowers or small tractors each year.
  • 75% of the children injured by mowers or small tractors result in amputation.

(Source: Alabama)

1.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC)  found that there were 689 lawn mower deaths over a ten-year period.

(Source: WE Forum)

This killer lawnmower statistic was sourced from the US Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) database that analyzed death statistics from 2005 to 2014. During this decade lawnmowers killed 689 people.

2.  Between 2006 and 2015 there were 723 lawnmower deaths, an average of 72 per year.

(Source: WE Forum)

More recent data show death by lawnmowers is a growing trend. In the 10 year period between 2007 and 2016, there were 758 deaths caused by lawnmowers, an average of 76 per year.

3.  Across the United States, 6,394 people, on average, sustain serious injuries annually in lawn-mower accidents

(Source: The Washington Post)

Injuries inflicted by lawnmowers include burns, cuts, and broken bones. This is according to a study from Johns Hopkins researchers, published in the journal Public Health Reports.

4.  Data reveals that the most common lawn mower injuries are lacerations at 47%, followed by 22% fractures and 22% amputations.

 (Source: The Washington Post)

The wrist and hands were injured more often than feet and toes. Most injuries require a medical procedure. Lacerations were a leading type of injury inflicted on many victims

5.  Nearly 10 percent of the injuries need hospitalization for surgery, at an average cost of about $37,000 per patient.

(Source: The Washington Post)

A lot of money is spent on treating lawn mower injuries in people who need hospitalization. The amount of money spent in treating lawnmower accident victims goes to hundreds of thousands of USD.

6.  85% of those injured by lawn mowers are men while only 15% are women.

(Source: The Washington Post)

More men than women are injured by mowers.

7.  Children of up to four years are at a higher risk of foot or lower-extremity injuries and amputations compared to those who are 15 years and above.

(Source: The Washington Post)

This was attributed to youngsters’ running into the yard while a family member is operating a lawnmower or sitting on the lap of a riding mower operator, falling, and their foot becoming trapped in the machine. Older teens and adults are more apt to sustain hand and upper-extremity injuries,  because they stuck their hands into the mower to clear debris from the mower and were injured by the blade, according to the study.

8.  In the US alone 75 people are killed, and 20,000 injured by lawn mowers each year.

(Source: Enabling the future)

Of these injuries, 800 are children who are run over by riding mowers or small tractors and more than 600 of those incidents result in amputation. One in five deaths involves a child. For children under age 10, major limb loss is most commonly caused by lawnmowers.

9.  The U.S. records about 35,000 accidents per year from lawn mowing alone.

(Source: Sierra Booster)

Mowing accidents happen every day leading to an average of 90 deaths per year from lawnmower accidents, and while this isn’t the biggest, people are more likely to die from this than they are from many common fears, such as shark attacks and spider bites. 

10.  There were 5,333 fatal work injuries recorded in the United States in 2019, a 2 percent increase from the 5,250 in 2018.

(Source: NBLS)

The fatal work injury rate was 3.5 fatalities per 100,000 full-time (FTE) workers, which was the rate reported in 2018. These data are from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI).

11.  More than 9,000 children go to the emergency room for lawn mower-related injuries every year.

(Source: Whack your weeds)

On average every day in the United States, 13 children receive emergency treatment for a lawn mower-related injury.

12.  Lawnmower-related injuries treated in the US emergency departments in 2016, consisted of more than 86,000 adults and 4,500 children.

(Source: Whack your weeds)

Adults who were injured by lawn mowers in 2016 were more than nineteen times the number of children. These children are however many considering that children rarely use mowers to cut grass. The many adults injured by lawn mowers is a clear indication that lawnmower accidents are a great concern to an average American.

13.  According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission more than 37,000 Americans suffer a power mower-related injury each year.

(Source: Whack your weeds)

Injuries related to power mowers are many and therefore people should take caution when they are dealing with mowers.

14.  Lawnmowers cause 27% of the reported injuries under lawnmower accident statistics.

(Source: Leading Gear)

A US-based lawn care startup reveals that over the past ten years more than 26,000 injuries occur from California to the Carolinas. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System lawnmower accident statistics, a staggering 11% of the total reported lawnmower injuries to require hospitalization. Moreover, 7.3% of the victims of the total other lawn and garden equipment injuries, remain hospitalized.

Final Thought

Lawnmower injuries cause an average of 70 deaths every year. The injuries range from people falling or slipping in front of or off a mower; burns; amputations from the blades; damage from projectiles thrown from the lawnmower.

Lawnmowers are especially dangerous to children. To be safe, children and pets should be kept inside while someone is mowing. Children should not be allowed to ride on lawnmowers with adults. It is recommended that kids should be 12 years or older to use a push mower and at least 16 to operate a riding mower. The Hopkins researchers also suggest that the design of safer lawn mowers are those that would automatically stop working if human flesh is detected near the blades.

A report by lawn and gardening resource Lawn Starter indicates that lawnmowers have higher chances of causing death compared to alligator and bear attacks. Lawnmower-related injuries are caused by tools like walk-behind power mowers, riding mowers, manual mowers, lawn trimmers, edgers, and other outdoor equipment. The chances of dying because of an incident involving the grass-cutting machine were also higher than snake bites, which killed an average of six people annually, and venomous spiders, which kill an average of 11 people according to available data.

Other freak accidents that are most likely to kill Americans than death by lawnmower include deer attacks, responsible for an annual average of 200 people; electrocution, which causes an average of 400 deaths per year; carbon monoxide poisoning with an average of 430 deaths and unintentional falls, which accounted for an annual average of 36,338.


Q: What is the meaning of the term lawnmower?

Answer: A lawnmower is any form of the machine with rotating blades that is used to cut grass. lawnmower. It can also refer to a person who mows lawns using a lawnmower.

Q: How many people are injured by lawn mowers each year in the US?

Answer: The riding lawn mower, in particular, causes an average of 35,000 Americans to injure themselves and 90 lose their lives to this, annually.

Q: What type of injuries are inflicted by lawnmowers in case of an accident?

Answer: Land mower accidents reported from yard work include amputations, broken bones, cuts, burns, nerve damage, and bruises.

Q: How many US children are injured by lawn mowers each year?

Answer: According to the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons about 9,400 children are injured by lawn mowers every year.

Q: Are lawn mowers truly dangerous?

Answer: Lawnmowers can cause injuries to both the person using them and anyone near it. The blades of a powered push lawn mower for example can cut or completely cut off fingers and toes because they spin at very high speeds. A riding lawn mower can also overturn and crush the driver, resulting in serious injury or even death.



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